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  The sixteen-weekends long complete course in photojournalism is a flagship course of the school. It prepares a complete novice in photography to confidently enter the world of professional photojournalism in two months. This course includes basic and advanced photography courses as well as the specialized course in photojournalism. This hands-on photojournalism course is knowledge intensive and empowers the photographer with tools of emerging technology and safety measures.

Discussing basic choices for photo professional, Understanding the camera and its components, Brief history of camera and photography, using the camera, Understanding light Understanding Film and digital Sensor, Image recording and storage device Understanding artificial light and flash, Understanding Exposure in detail Practical demonstration and giving assignment

Review of Assignment, Creatively using camera control, Aperture, Shutter and Lenses Understanding and using Depth of field, Freezing motion, Effectively using film speed Practical demonstration and giving assignment

Review of Assignment, Introduction to Digital Photography, Understanding elements of digital photography, Understanding basic photo editing using Adobe photoshop, Making slideshow, Understanding modern digital camera and lenses, Common Camera accessories, Protecting photographic equipment, Practical demonstration and giving assignment

Review of Assignment, Composition and rules of composition (knowing the rules to break it), Using light creatively, Shooting techniques, Shooting Landscape, Shooting people, Basic tips of street photograph (Safety tips and Do's and Don't ), Practical demonstration and giving assignment

Review of Assignment, Shooting pictures in nutshell, One - on- one with teachers, Presentation of entire best work.

Developing Creative EYE---(Owing a camera does not make a good photographer, its a eye that make photographer spacial, creative photographer see interesting visual and imageries and day today life what other's don't. But one no need to be born with creative eye. One can train eye, let us look into few visual pattern and graphics.) Using lights and camera angle to tell story and add mood, Creatively using flash with natural light, Interesting shooting technique, Practical demonstration and giving assignment

Review of Assignment, Indoor lighting and Portrait photography, lighting technique with one, two and three lighting technique, Three point lighting system, Practical demonstration and giving assignment

Review of Assignment, Understanding basic Multimedia ?, Introduction to Photojournalism, Managing different kind of Photojournalistic assignment, Breaking news / hard news / sports news / Story and features / Sports, Being safe for assignment, Practical demonstration and giving assignment.

On assignment with teachers - sports, Review of Assignment, In-depth Photoshop / photo editing software, color correction, using layers, photo montage, photo stitching, noise reduction, photo management etc., Practical demonstration and giving assignment.

Review of Assignment, Introduction to commercial Photography, Business of commercial Photography, Brief introduction to other kind of photography, Travel, culture, adventure, wildlife Photography, One - on - one with teachers, Shooting pictures in nutshell, Presentation of entire best work

Career optionas Photojournalist, distribution of topic for long period story, Portfolio review.

developing stories, editing images, safety, War photography and riots, Assigning weekly short term story.

presentation and discussion of weekly assignment, Topic on sports and breaking news

Advanced Multimedia with still images and sound, Recording audio and Audio editing for multimedia, Advanced Multimedia with video, still images and sound, DSLR videography and basic video editing, meeting with teacher's on mid progress of long term stories, assignments of sports and breaking news - entire coming week, giving assignment on multimedia

Presentation and review of weekly assignment , Business Photography, One on one final discussion on long term story with teachers

Presentation of entire long term project with discussion, Changing nature of modern Photography / photojournalism - The way ahead, Combine presentation of best images
commercial photography
The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity that will enrich the student’s pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where I felt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute for Photography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons...Rohan

"It is a perfect place to learn photography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career...Ishaaq Petiwala
Udaan aims to add wings to your dreams
in photography, irrespective of your final destination with your camera. That one thing that binds the student of Udaan is - passion for photography, and that's what inspires even the tutors at the school. Every student of Udaan, whatever be his
or her final aspiration, will be tutored by leading working professionals...
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