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Udaan brings to you the magic of moviemaking with its two path breaking courses - the Independent DSLR filmmaking course and the 3D Stereoscopic filmmaking course - the first ever in India. The 35 mm DSLR has opened-up exciting frontiers in filmmaking. The amazing power of the DSLR to capture high-quality HD video has caught the fancy of filmmakers all across the world. With the advent of digital age, the affordable DSLRs brought professional filmmaking within the reach of the common man. These small but powerful cameras fueled the imagination of thousands of creative minds, passionate about filmmaking. Even well known filmmakers have begun using the DSLR to make TV commercials and feature films.

While there is a huge interest in independent filmmaking in India, there are hardly any creatively driven and technologically sound courses for DSLR filmmaking in India. Udaan's newly launched course in Independent DSLR filmmaking aims to fill that void and provide every budding filmmaker a proper launch pad to fulfill his or her dreams. An Oscar or an award at Cannes or Berlin film festival is not that improbable or that far anymore.

And in a first of its kind in the country, Udaan takes pride in bringing the third dimension to filmmaking education in India. With the country's first ever course in stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, now learn to create the dream world of 3D movies, right here in India, right here at Udaan. Get ready to make your own Avatar and stun your viewers !

One can opt to enroll for the combined DSLR and 3D five-month course or enroll separately either for the four-month-long DSLR Independent filmmaking course or the month-long 3D Stereoscopic filmmaking course. The classes will be held during weekends.

DSLR will commence from 4th Dec 2011 and 3D stereoscopic filmmaking courses will commence from 14th Apr 2012. The classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.
For all those passionate about Independent filmmaking, Udaan brings one of the most unique and exciting DSLR filmmaking courses. Keeping with the spirit of Independent filmmaking, Udaan's four-month weekend filmmaking course prepares the students to become complete filmmakers...
Now just don't just watch Avatar, go ahead and make it ! And learn it , right here in India, right here at Udaan. Master the art and science of 3D stereoscopic filmmaking and stun your viewers with this technological marvel. 3D Stereoscopy or S3D is here to stay and its not the technology of the future.....
Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India, with a population over 18 million people. The city is host to the iconic Bollywood and with it, famous movie stars like, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwariya Rai etc. While millions of dollars exchange hands everyday in India's biggest stock exchanges at the BSE tower, headquarters of most of India's leading corporations are also based in Mumbai. The city is home to leading businessmen, like Ratan Tata, Mukesh and Anil Ambani among others and sportspersons like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, to name a few. Apart from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world, the tinsel town is even a hub of journalism, housing several of India's large newspapers and magazines...
commercial photography
The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity that will enrich the student´┐Żs pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where I felt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute for Photography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons...Rohan

"It is a perfect place to learn photography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career...Ishaaq Petiwala
The answer is simple. It’s one of the biggest in India and perhaps the biggest
in Mumbai with a premise of over 10,000 square feet area, solely dedicated to photography. The regular faculty is vast
and comprises award winning photographers, including India’s only Pulitzer Prize nominee in Photography.   Added to it there have been many a
legend who have been visiting faculty
and guest speakers at Udaan. And most importantly the list of Udaan’s notable alumni is long and impressive.
Something we are very proud of....
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