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Udaan offers regular Basic (six days) and Advanced photography (five days) courses during weekend,that have been meticulously designed by leading professionals. With its stress on imparting a strong understanding of the fundamentals of photography and avoiding short-cuts or gimmicks, Udaan has been creating new benchmarks in visual arts education in India. If you wish to attend our courses or get to know more about them, please register with us for regular updates.
Basic is aimed for rank beginners, who have either recently brought a camera and would like to learn from the scratch and improve their travel and family photographs. Or as first steps for beginners who wish to take photography seriously and eventually shoot like professionals. However, the course is not recommended for casual shooters who use mobile phones or aim &shoot cameras...
This advanced photography course is meant for photographers who understand the basics of photography and wish to upgrade their skills to the next level. This course is meant for serious photographers, who either want to take up photography as their profession or are serious amateur who wants to produce stunning images of professional standards..

The foundation course is a very        comprehensive photography course,      aimed for beginners. However the sixteen  sessions course does not end with the basics, but goes on to more advanced photographic concepts and techniques, like Lighting, Portraiture, Composition, HDR, Panorama, Time Lapse, Photo editing, etc. The course is suitable for those who have...


Udaan brings short-term intensive photography courses for those who to wish to seriously take-up photography, perhaps even professionally, but do not have the time for along-term course.  Take your photography to the next level with these knowledge-filled courses. For more information on our workshops call us at +91 9619315130 or write to [email protected]


This short-term intensive course in commercial photography empowers the students with the necessary set of skills in product and fashion photography. During the course, the students will be taught by professional commercial photographers with the help of professional make-up artists and models. The course stresses on practical training and each student will receive extensive hands-on experience in commercial photography                                                                       read more


This intensive short-term course in people and fashion photography is packed with practical training and actual shooting by the students. During the course, the students will be taught by professional fashion photographers along with professional make-up artists and models. Each student will learn to work with models &make-up artists and will receive extensive hands-on experience in fashion and glamour photography.                                                                                       read more

  This course is meant for those youngsters
  who wish to eventually become professional 
  photographers or take-up photography very
  seriously.This course enables one to achieve
  a thorough and a clear understanding of the 
  photography fundamentals, as well as acquire
  a strong artistic and technical prowess in the    
  various complex aspects of photography.                                                                                                                                                                                                      read more


Udaan conducts photography workshops at regular intervals in Kolkata. The workshops range from Basic  Digital Photography workshops to  workshops for children and corporates.You can also  customize your workshop if you are in a group of three participants or more. For more information on our workshops call us at +91 9619315130 or write to [email protected]



Udaan's 'Digital Photography Workshops"are meant for beginners who are unable to attend longer courses, yet wish to achieve a strong understanding of  the fundamentals of photography. These workshops are available in three options – a) one-day DSLR workshops usually on Sundays or on public holidays b) two-day workshops usually on weekends and c) five-day workshops during weekdays (Monday to Friday). Though the course handles all the important aspects of photography irrespective of the hardware, it specially empowers a DSLR user to unleash the complete potential of one's camera. The most complex of concepts are simplified and conveyed in an as easy to use knowledge. These courses are conducted every month.
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The basics of photography remains the same,irrespective of the course or workshop one attends. However, photography is not just about its technicalities,it is an experience and a journey, as we capture and share beautiful moments with others .  It is almost like a therapy for our tired minds caught in the frenzied pace of our daily lives.Photography helps us to step-out of the rat race and open ourselves to all the beautiful aspects of the world and get closer to nature And its even more fun when it’s done with friends, family or even colleagues. Keeping this in mind we have created  group workshops, for corporate organizations, whose essence is, knowledge, fun and teamwork.
                                                                                                              read more


  Photography is a technical art and the
  nitty-gritty of its technical aspects can be
  intimidating,especially for a young mind.
  Keeping that in mind, we have designed 
  two new courses that will introduce the
  youngsters to the joys of exploring the
  world through a camera, while making 
  them understand the basics of photography        in a simple and easy manner                                                                                                                                                       read more


Udaan regularly conducts specialised short workshops in various technical and creative aspects of photography,  Each city has its own separate schedule. To know more about the workshops and to stay updated,  be in touch with the workshops page of your city.
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Not everyone has the flexibility to fit their schedule according to the course or workshop timings of Udaan. However at Udaan, if you are in a group of three or more you can customise your course for the group. You can decide on the course content and the schedule, according to your requirement and convenience.
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  Udaan offers four & six days workshops
  in 'People, Portraiture and Fashion
  held on Sundays. The
  workshop would enable the participants to
  get a  good grasp on the technical & creative
  aspects of  portraiture, as well get hands-on
  experience in handling glamour shoots and
 working with professional models..  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      read more



For all those passionate about Independent filmmaking, Udaan brings one of the most unique and exciting DSLR filmmaking courses.Keeping with the spirit of Independent filmmaking, Udaan's four-month weekend filmmaking course prepares the students to become complete filmmakers, who will be able to create professionally made films with highest production quality even on a limited budget.


   Professional filmmakers, cinematographers,
   sound designers , editors, etc, who are all
   editors, etc, will guide and empower the
   the students to create 
high-quality, broadcast
   high-quality, broadcast standard films from their
   films from their DSLR cameras

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Udaan School of Photography
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Office timing for enrollment : 3 p.m to 6 p.m (Monday-Saturday)

commercial photography
The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity thatwill enrich the student’s pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping thecreative minds of allthose who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where Ifelt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute forPhotography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely fora number of reasons...Rohan

"It is a perfect place to learnphotography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career...Ishaaq Petiwala
Udaan aims to add wings to your dreams
in photography, irrespective of your final destination with your camera. That one thing that binds the student of Udaan is - passion for photography, and that's what inspires even the tutors at the school. Every student of Udaan, whatever be his
or her final aspiration, will be tutored by leading working professionals...
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