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Udaan brings to you “Dream Month” , the most comprehensive, knowledge intensive and fun-filled photography workshop this summer. Its everything that you wanted to try and learn in Photography. From Basic photography course to the the exciting SFX week, the ‘Dream Month’ will empower you to stun everyone with your newly acquired skills in photography. And not only is it a lot of fun, it can also inspire and empower those photography enthusiasts who wish to take-up photography as their profession, to fulfill their dream. Come join us in this month-long celebration of photography


                                            MUMBAI      :  7th May to 8th June 2018
                                            DELHI         :  to be announced
                                            KOLKATA     :  to be announced

Basic is aimed for rank beginners, who have either recently bought a camera and would like to improve their travel and family photographs. Or as first steps for beginners who want to take photographs as professionals. However the course is not recommended for casual shooters who use mobile phone cameras or aim and shoot camera.

Understanding the camera and its components, Brief history of camera and photography, using the camera, Understanding light. Understanding Film. Understanding artificial light and flash. Understanding Exposure. Understanding colour, Understanding lenses. Using manual and auto focus. Creatively using camera controls – Aperture, Shutter and Lenses. Understanding and using Depth of field. Freezing and blurring motion. Effectively using film speed. Introduction to Digital Photography, Understanding elements of digital photography. Understanding modern digital camera, sensors and lenses. Knowing common camera accessories. Protecting photographic equipment. Understanding film resolution. Understanding and mastering difficult light situations. Composition and rules of composition (knowing the rules to break it), Using light creatively. Shooting techniques. Shooting Landscape, Shooting people, Basic tips of street photography.

                                COURSE DATES FOR BASIC  PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK

                                       MUMBAI      :  7th May to 11th May 2018
                                       DELHI         :  to be announced
                                       KOLKATA     :  to be announced

This module is meant for photographers who understand the basics of photography and have been shooting for a while and want to upgrade their skills to next level. The students who complete the advance photography course should be able to produce images which look professional and out of the ordinary. The advanced photography course is aimed for serious photographers, who either want to take up photography as their profession or are serious amateur who wants to produce stunning images of professional standards.

Developing a creative eye. Using lights and camera angles to tell a story and add mood. Understanding Composition. Creatively combining flash with natural light, Interesting shooting techniques.  People and Portrait photography – Indoor and outdoor. Indoor lighting techniques. Advanced Light theory. Three point lighting system.  Discussing the professional world of photography - Commercial Photography & Photojournalism. Other avenues of photography - Travel, culture, adventure, wildlife Photography


                                       MUMBAI      :  14th May to 18th May 2018
                                       DELHI         :  to be announced
                                       KOLKATA     :  to be announced


This module is an orientation program for students intending to become professional commercial photographers. During this module, the students will be taught by working commercial photographers and make-up artist and actual professional models will assist the students in producing professionally posed photographs.

Introduction to the commercial photography industry. Knowing the photographic equipment of a commercial photographer. Setting up the studio. Handling lights and light modifiers. Using light meter. Theory and types of lighting, Using light creatively. Creating different moods and meeting different requirements with lighting. Working with backdrops. Using camera creatively. Combining different elements in commercial photography to produce professional results. Understanding people photography. Understanding tabletop and product photography. Understanding different surfaces and textures and how to light them. Understanding Fashion and glamour photography. Working with models, Art of posing, Understanding make-up and hair style. Team of professionals demonstrate the making of various kinds of glamour and beauty pictures with professional model. Students practice sessions with models,  Business of commercial photography.

                                      COURSE DATES FOR  PHOTOSHOP WEEK

                                       MUMBAI      :  21st May to 25th May 2018
                                       DELHI         :  to be announced
                                       KOLKATA     :  to be announced


Adobe Photoshop will be taught from the scratch to advanced level. The subjects taught will include Navigating the Workspace, The Menu Bar, The Toolbox, The Palettes, Type Tool, Cloning, History , Eraser etc , Selection methods, Working with images, Image Adjustments, Curves, Saving Images, Image modes, Image resolution, Channel mixers, Layers, Advanced layers, Blending modes, Advanced blending, Masks, Paths, Using and editing Paths, Vector tools, Raster vs blending, Pen tool, Retouching tools, Retouching skin, hair etc , filter gallery, Paint bucket, Gradient and Pattern, Line tools, Colour Correction, Colour toning, Colour replacement, Painting tools, Background replacement , Free transform , Special Effects, working with RAW, and much more.


                                       MUMBAI      :  28th May to 1st June 2018
                                       DELHI         :  to be announced
                                       KOLKATA     :  to be announced

Day 1 - Basic Videography and Multimedia (Part 1)
Day 2 - Panorama & HDR
            Light Painting & Multiple Exposure
Day 3 - Time Lapse Photography & Fast (Hi-Speed) photography
Day 4 - Macro Photography
Day 5 - Basic Videography and Multimedia (part 2),

*One can chose single day SFX workshop at Rs. 2000
* Applicable Taxes

                                          COURSE DATES FOR SFX WEEK

                                       MUMBAI      :  4th June to 8th June 2018
                                       DELHI         :  to be announced
                                       KOLKATA     :  to be announced

The classes for Basic, Advanced, Commercial Photography and Adobe Photoshop Course will start at 10.30 am everyday and continue for around at least three hours. However, the schedule and timings are subject to change.

The course fee mentioned above is not inclusive of taxes.



All centres            : +91 9619315130 / 022 65566655
Email                  : [email protected] / [email protected]


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The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity that will enrich the student’s pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

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Udaan aims to add wings to your dreams
in photography, irrespective of your final destination with your camera. That one thing that binds the student of Udaan is - passion for photography, and that's what inspires even the tutors at the school. Every student of Udaan, whatever be his
or her final aspiration, will be tutored by leading working professionals...
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