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Six Weeks Wedding Photography Course
Four Months Wedding Photography Course


This four-months course at Udaan in Mumbai is one of the most comprehensive learning programme in Wedding Photography. The course combines the experience of seasoned shooters with the energy and newer perspectives of younger names in the field. It combines creativity, technology and business aspects of Wedding Photography, with the aim of creating the next generation of professionals in the field.  Apart from photography, the students are empowered in Videography too, that would include shooting videos, editing and sound.  The course also brings together the sensibilities of shooting in India and abroad. 
This diversity is a rarity !  And it makes this course a must for anyone wishing to be a professional in Wedding  Photography.

There is perhaps no better place in the world to be a Wedding Photographer than India.
It is the  biggest and the most thriving earning opportunity in the world of professional photography. Wedding Photography is booming in India and hop on to it before it's
too late.

And there is no better way to jump start your professional career in wedding photography & Videography,  than this intensive, cutting-edge course  which is aimed at creating professional photographers

The next batch begins from weekends batch begins from 27th October 2018


Setting Up Your Wedding Photography Business
Meeting the bride and groom
Pre-Wedding Shoot
Wedding Day Overview
How to Photograph a Wedding
Editing Wedding Photos - Post-Production Workflow   
Designing the album

Basics of Videography
Lighting for Video
Stabilisation, camera movements and other video shooting techniques
Shooting slow motion and time remapping
Mixing audio (recorded sound and music) with video
Video Editing, VFX & Colour grading

Succeeding with Wedding Photography - Taking it to the next level !

Selected work of students will be exhibited in digital format or in print at
the end of the course. Certificate will be given according to merit and
attendance of the student.


* subject to change




                                                                                   OUR FACULTY
                                                                                    (regular and guest faculty)



    Wedding Photographer                                                      

Bharat started life as an advertising photographer in 1983, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he shot a wedding, one of his student’s, at her insistence. And since then he has been hooked to wedding photography. In the past eight years he has shot hundreds of weddings.

Bharat also does food photography and other commercial photography shoots.




 KINNARI GAIKWAD                                 
  Wedding Photographer

At the tender age of  16 when the other kids were still busy deciding what to do with their lives, Mumbai based Kinnari Gaikwad, out of her passion for art, started learning Photography. By the time she was 18, she had already started working with some of the big brands namely Citywalk Shoes, P.C. Jewelers and a lot more.

In the year 2012, while planning for a friends wedding, she had a spark in her mind and thought why not change the typical style of wedding photography and do something new and path breaking. This was the dawn of The Wedding’s wing of Various Vision Venture.

Over the last few years her work has been recognized by Better Photography and various well known award bodies. In the year 2015 , she  was featured on Yaari Dostii Shaadi hosted by Anita Dongre on the channel NDTV GOODTIMES.

Now working in the wedding scene for about 4 years and covering hundereds of brides and grooms and freezing the amalgam of emotions in her camera’s sensor, Kinnari is here to share her secrets of being a better and a lovable wedding photographer. 





  TANUJ BHATIA                                                     
   Wedding & Commercial Photographer

Tanuj’s candidly proclaims that his entry into photography is not one without influence. He was introduced to this medium by his father and brother, who were both exceptional photographers in their own right.  They helped hone Tanuj’s skills and train his eye to capture essential moments via pictures.

‚ÄčTanuj furthered his understanding of the art of capture by attempting to seamlessly blend into the scenery and allowing those moments to naturally present themselves. The secret behind Tanuj’s candid and spontaneous imagery is best explained in his own words...“I take every measure necessary to avoid sacrificing the comfort of my clients by being discreet and approaching my subjects space with great respect. My approach is therefore appreciated by all my clients and the proof lies in their repeated pursuit of my services”

Tanuj shoots both Wedding and Commercial Photography. And he has photographed several high profile Bollywood weddings




Wedding & Sports Photographer 
Brisbane, Australia 

With 18 years of photography under his belt, Aman has covered a vast and a diverse range of photographic assignments. He has been one of the country’s finest sports photographers for last fifteen years, covering several Cricket World cups, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, IPL and many more. Aman has brought in his skills of fast and candid shooting into wedding photography too.
While Aman’s images show a natural style of Wedding Imagery, he has a good understanding of the rituals and ceremonies that come with every wedding  and most importantly the needs of the client.

For the last five years, Aman has been working out of Brisbane, Australia.






SHRIVATS KULKARNI                                 
Music Composer & Audio Designer

Shrivats is a music composer and a game audio designer. He has more than  ten years of of experience in music production. He has scored music for Feature films, Documentaries, computers games, animations and TVCs.

He was also an audio trainer to the crew of Uganda’s biggest media studio



Course Fee    : Rs 60,000 (Taxes extra)
Call +91 9619315130 / +91 22 65566655 or send mail to [email protected] for enquiry


At least 32 sessions or more will be conducted during the course.
Classes will held two-days a week (Saturdays and Sunday), between from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

Duration : 27th October 2018 to 10th February 2018

While the institute doesn't provide accommodation, we will assist the student in
finding one. Our institute is located in the heart of the city, with clean and safe
surroundings. There are several paying guest options close to the institute



1 The student must be above the age of 18 years

2 All students are required to bring their own DSLR camera with at least a wide angle lens
(prime or zoom) . Preferably, the student should also own a laptop and a  telephoto
lens (prime or zoom) and a tripod, but its not mandatory.

3 The student needs to send two passport size photographs (one pasted and cross signed on this form) along with this application form. The completed form along with photostat copies of the required name/age/address proof documents. They should be sent to the following address

Admission in-charge
Udaan School of Photography
Ajay Business Centre
T.H.Kataria Marg
Matunga (west)
Mumbai 400016

On receiving the above, the institute shall send the student a receipt for the same. On receipt of  the complete course fee, the necessary documents and the application form, the enrollment process for the Four-Months course in  Wedding Photography will be complete. However, admission in to the course is at the sole discretion of the institute.

One may also enroll by sending scanned copies of the necessary documents, including the application form through email to [email protected] , provided the necessary fee payment have been made through online bank transfer and the transaction number mentioned in the email. On completion of the above, the school shall send a receipt for the course/registration fee received through bank transfer For any clarifications regarding the enrollment process, you can call the admission in-charge on +91 9619315130 or +91 22 65566655 or send a mail to [email protected]

4. For submitting the hard copy of the application form, one would need to take a print out
of the application form, fill it and send to the above mentioned address. The application 
form will need to be accompanied by necessary documents and the course fee.

5 The course fee is non-refundable, except if a student has been refused a visa for entry to India or for any serious medical reason, that occurred to the student after the completion of the enrollment process. On submission of proper (verifiable) medical documents or refusal
of visa documents  to the school, a refund of the course fee may be made to the student
(prior to the commencement of the course), on the sole discretion of the school management.  In this case, a processing fee of Rs 2500 ($ 50) shall be deducted.

No refund of the course fee shall be made whatsoever, after the course begins, except for the security deposit.

6 If a course is cancelled by the school than the entire fee will be refunded.

7 While the school takes all necessary safety measures regarding the health and safety of
students, teachers and all equipment, Udaan Visual Arts Educare Pvt Ltd shall not be legally or financially responsible for the same and in the event of any mishap or damage to health or equipment, legal proceedings shall not be initiated against the school or Udaan Visual Arts Educare Pvt Ltd

8 Udaan Visual Arts Educare Pvt Ltd shall not be responsible for any accident or mishap that occurs while students are shooting outdoors on their own or with school staff, and in the event of any such occurrence Udaan Visual Arts Educare Pvt Ltd shall not be legally or financially responsible for the same and legal proceedings shall not be initiated against the school or Udaan Visual Arts Educare Pvt Ltd

9 Students are responsible for any damage they cause to school equipment, furniture or
property and will have to reimburse the cost of the damage.

10 The school may video record the classes/teaching sessions for its own promotion and for
enhancement of its courses in the future. The school may use all photographs/graphics
created by students during the course, for its own promotion and for enhancement
of its courses in the future

11 The school can cancel the admission of any student for unruly behaviour if he or she
violates the school rules and the terms and conditions. No refund shall be made in such cancellations of admission


For enrollment, download the Application form by clicking here
(to download the form, right click and save)


The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity that will enrich the student’s pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where I felt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute for Photography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons...Rohan
The answer is simple. It’s one of the biggest in India and perhaps the biggest
in Mumbai with a premise of over 10,000 square feet area, solely dedicated to photography. The regular faculty is vast
and comprises award winning photographers, including India’s only Pulitzer Prize nominee in Photography.   Added to it there have been many a
legend who have been visiting faculty
and guest speakers at Udaan. And most importantly the list of Udaan’s notable alumni is long and impressive.
Something we are very proud of....
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